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Does Elite Phone Buyers buy items that have been reported lost or stolen?

We do NOT buy items that have been reported lost or stolen.

We use a variety of tools, including CheckMEND to verify the life history of an item from its point of manufacture. 

CheckMEND is a state-of-the-art tool used to detect potentially stolen items like smartphones, tablets and laptops. It takes data from the major cellphone carriers, law enforcement and insurance companies to create a complete profile of a device. 

Here is an example of a sample report from CheckMEND.

Elite Phone Buyers is committed to making sure that we only buy items from the rightful owners. We do not buy any electronics that has been reported lost or stolen.

We work closely with local authorities to report criminal or fraudulent activity of any kind. Due to this, a Photo ID is required for ALL transactions. Just like you would a pawn shop or any major buyers.

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