Have you decided to sell? Here is how to prep your device

1. Make sure your device is charged

prep your device for sale

You will need to make sure your device is charged. This will save you time when we meet and ensure you get your cash fast. 

Our offer when you contact us does not change as long as your phone is in the condition your told us over the phone. 

However, if your device is not as described, we will have to reappraise your device. 

If your phone is dead when you meet with us, we will have to appraise the phone as a dead, no power phone which will leave a lot of money out of the table for you.

2. Back up your data

sell your phone

Make sure your data is backed up. It is best to do this before you meet with us. This process  can last from a few minutes to an hour depending on how much data you have stored in your device.

We recommend you do this before you meet with us to ensure we are done fast ad you can get paid quicker

3. Remove all passcodes

If you have any pass-codes or screen locks, remove them. Usually there is a hidden lock you have installed and forgotten about that will be shown when the phone is restored.

4. For Apple products, Make sure "Find My iPhone / iPad" is off

Turn “Find my iPhone” off and log out of your iCloud account. Find my iPhone (FMI) is a security feature installed on apple products to help their owners find their phone when it is lost.

prep your phone for sale

First go to the Settings on your iPhone or iPad. 

In some models, your iCloud account will be at the top as shown in the Photo. In others, your will have to scroll down till you see the iCloud tab.

Click on the tab and scroll all the way down till your see the “Sign Out” button.

You will be asked for your iCloud password. 

Enter your password and click the “Turn Off” button.

5. Restore to Factory Settings

Restoring your device to factory setting is important for a few reasons. First it will erase your personal information from your phone.

Second it ill notify you during the process if there is any pass-code in your phone that needs to be removed. Third it will make the sales process easier and faster.

Here is a visual explanation below for the iPhone. Other phone models are similar to this. 

Reset your device
preparing your phone for sale
how to sell your device

Congratulations!!! You are now ready to sell your Device.

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