7 Ways To Locate Your Phone’s IMEI Number

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What does IMEI number mean?

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a serial number that all smartphones have. The number is unique to you phone and is usually 15 digits long.

What is the IMEI number used for?

The IMEI acts like the VIN number of a car. And it is used for 2 main purposes. 

The primary purpose is to identify the device. The IMEI stores information regarding the phone like the county of origin, manufacturer, history of device and model number. 

The secondary purpose is to prevent theft. If a phone is stolen, you cannot simply change the sim card and keep the phone. 

The original owner can report the crime and get the IMEI and the phone blacklisted. This prevents the phone from being used on any network. 

When you want to recycle your phone or sell it, you will most likely be asked for the IMEI number.

How to locate your IMEI number

There are several situations (like selling your phone) that will require you to show your IMEI number. Here are 7 easy ways to do so below

1. Dial the IMEI code *#06#

You can get you IMEI number by dialing this universal code. 

You simply go to dial, type in the code *#06# and your IMEI number will be displayed to you. 

In most cases, you do no have to hit the call button. The IMEI number will be displayed as soon as you finished dialing the code

2. On the package

If you are one of those that keep the packaging box of your smartphone, Kudos to you. The IMEI to you phone can be found at the back of the box at the bottom.

check your imei

3. On the back of you iPhone for iPhone 5 models

In the iPhone 5 models, (5, 5c, 5s, SE) the IMEI number is written on the back of your phone at the bottom accompanied with the Model number.

4. Your sim card tray

Grab a sim card tray pin or anything that can fit in it. Push it into the sim card release hole/slot. The tray will pop out at you will see if scribed inside the tray.

5. In the Settings app

In the iPhone….

You go to Setting > General > About and scroll down to see the IMEI number

In Android phones….

You go to Setting > About Phone > Status > IMEI information

6. By Using iTunes (iPhones Only)

If your iPhone will not turn on, or your screen LCD is bad, you can retrieve you IMEI number from iTunes using these steps

  • Connect you iPhone to your computer and open up iTunes
  • On the tab right below the main tab on top, click the Device icon
  • Click on the summary tab on the left
  • On the main body, you will see you iPhone. Hover over your phone number and click on it
  • This will cycle through your device information. Keep clicking until your IMEI number is displayed.

7. On or Under your battery

Some smartphones have the IMEI number on the battery or under the battery. Only use this as a last resort and if your battery compartment is easy to open. 

If you battery is glued to the body of the phone, do not attempt to pry it off without the proper tools and experience

Should you give out your IMEI number?

The answer to this question is not Black or White but hinges on Grey. You should only give you IMEI number to people you trust.

If you are selling it by yourself on eBay, we recommend you do not give it away. If a buyer asks, it is best to check the status of IMEI yourself and let them know the result. Or ask them to pay for the phone first before sending it over to them.

There are a few ways to check the status of your phone. One of them is Sickw.com

If you are selling locally, most buyers will check the IMEI before exchanging payment. We check the status of the IMEI in front of you to check the status. This is a really quick check that takes less than 3 minutes.

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