How To Delete All Android Data Before Selling

How To Delete All Android Data Before Selling

Before marketing your old phone, it is important to understand two basic rules. Cleaning any personal data and restoring the phone to factory settings are crucial. Are you pondering on how to delete all Android data before selling?

Step One: Install Erasing Software For Android Data On Your PC:

Before removing data on your device, it is important to install cleaning software. There are several programs online today that can help you wipe clean data on Android devices.

Most programs will not take you several minutes to install before wiping off data. After selecting the best software to clean the data, click to finish the installation.

Step Two: Put The USB Debugging On And Connect Your Android Device To A PC:

Use a USB cable to link the PC and your Android device together. When the device is in proper linking with your PC, detecting it will be faster. This means that your PC will recognize the Android device and make the cleaning work well.

The software program will display the name of the Android device after detection. In case, you experience any difficulty, check on the Android USB driver. Ensure that the installation of the USB driver is correct and ready for operation.

Step Three: Choose Erasing Option:

The method you want to use in wiping off the Android data is important. On the software application, you can select “Wipe All Data”. Once you execute the click, a new window will appear showing the best option.

Remember that the software application you are using can as well get rid of photo images. To make the software work, try to type the word “Delete” and move to the option “Wipe Now”.

Step Four: Start Wiping Off Your Device:

At this juncture, it’s important to know that the software or program for cleaning is ready. When there is a confirmation of the software, then the cleaning process starts. On this note, it is expedient to back up all your details.

There is every possibility to back up your data by using the software first. The number of files you have on your device will determine how the cleaning takes. A device with few files will only take a couple of minutes. If your files are much, then expect several minutes for the operation to complete.

Step Five: Erase Your Settings Using Factory Reset:

Ensure not to forget using the factory reset to help remove the settings of your Android device. Once the cleaning process is complete, no recovery software can bring back your data. For this reason, having your factory reset in the right position will help.

The factory reset will ensure that the data cleaning process of your Android is perfect. A message will appear on the screen to show that your Android device is now empty.

Reasons For Deleting Your Information Before Selling:

  1. It prevents the buyer from having access to your privacy
  2. It helps to backup your data, files and settings
  3. This process will help backup all your call log and texts
  4. It helps to disable factory reset protection and encrypt your device

Using the above steps will help any data in your Android device before selling it. The most important step to execute is using the factory reset. It is the final step that ensures that no data remains in your device after the cleaning process.

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