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Ready to Sell but have some questions? Here are most popular FAQs we get and their answers

Many of the items we purchase are cleaned up, restored, and resold online.

Absolutely not.

All personal information is kept strictly confidential and is used for record and book keeping purposes only. We do our best to restore any electronics to factory settings and erase any personal information on them before reselling.

However, we cannot guarantee that data may not be recovered by a third party. Please make sure to delete any sensitive data permanently before selling your device to us. 

We will not be held responsible for any data recovered or damages caused by a third party.

Electronics and mobile phone theft is rampant in today’s society. Elite Phone Buyers is committed to making sure that we only buy items from their rightful owners.

We work closely with local authorities to report criminal or fraudulent activity of any kind. Due to this, a Photo ID is required for ALL transactions. Just like you would a pawn shop or any major buyers.

The model number of most phones is located on the back of the phone. You should also be able to find the model number on many items in the Settings Menu > About.

Unfortunately, no. The phones that we purchase are sold privately online. However, we are happy to buy any electronics you may have to sell.

We use the latest market analysis tools to determine the prices that the current market on Ebay and Amazon are currently paying for your items.

Our program only uses completed listings data, which means the items were actually sold and payed for at those prices.

We then offer a competitive percentage of that price to determine how much we will pay for your item.

Absolutely. We love buying broken or damaged phones. The price we offer will depend on the amount of damage and current market value of the item.

We buy Smartphones, Macbooks, Tablets, Apple watches, iPods and many more.

It takes us about 5 minutes to inspect and pay you for your smartphone, tablet or iPod and about 10 to 15 minutes for a MacBook. Sometimes, the process will take longer if your device is not charged or restored.

We purchase used phones from all major carriers: Verizon, At&t, T-Mobile, Sprint and their sister companies likes Boost Mobile, Metro PCS, Virgin Mobile etc.  

Yes, you must be the legal owner or have the owner’s permission. (For example, a husband selling his wife’s phone with her permission. We will ask to see a government issued photo id (Driver’s License, State ID or Passport) before we can buy your device from you.   

We all forget our passcodes every once in a while, Apple knows this so they set up a safe guard for it. There are 3 ways to reset your password if you forget it. Apple’s site explains all three ways of resetting your iCloud ID, you’ll find them here: iCloud ID Reset

No, you must be able to deactivate “Find My iPhone” or “Find My iPad”, which requires you to know your iCloud / Apple ID passcode. If you have forgotten this passcode, then you can reset it following the link to Apple’s website here. We do not buy any Apple product that is iCloud locked.

Sometimes you have and old phone that has been laying around in a drawer somewhere. After a while, you eventually forget the passcode. Once again Apple has thought of this scenario happening. Click here and you will be taken to Apple’s site and be walked through the process to restore your device. Note: You will still need to know your iCloud ID if “Find My iPhone” or “Find My iPad” is enabled.

No we do not buy iCloud locked devices. We required that you sign out of you iCloud account before we can buy you device.

1. We buy smartphones from all the major retail carriers: Verizon, Sprint, At&t, T Mobile, and their sister companies like Boost Mobile, MetroPCS, Virgin Mobile etc. 

2. We buy phones in most conditions, whether new, used or cracked.

3. Our offer is higher than Gamestop, Best buy and ecoatm

4. We pay out in CASH the moment we buy. So no waiting for shipping, no waiting for a check and no cost to you.

5. We will meet you at a safe, public place to buy your device like the mall, a local coffee shop and even the police station for high ticket items if that makes you feel comfortable.

Our Process is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

1. You Contact Us

We will get some information regarding your device and we will give you a fair offer based on market value and the condition

2. Set A Meet Up

We meet at out agreed time and place where we verify the information you gave to us and we both sign the bill of sale

3. You Get Your Cash

Once everything checks out and we sign the Bill of Sale, you get your Cash

why sell to us?

Get cash the same day

You do not need to wait for days while you ship your laptop to a company and wait weeks to get your money. With us, you get your cash the same day

we offer a fair price

We pay more than most. Our offer is given based on the current appraised market value of your device and the condition of you item.

convenient service

No need to drive contact somebody only to have them flake out on you. Have the rest of mind knowing we will meet you at our set day and time

your safety is important

We understand your macbook is valuable so we will meet you at a public place like a mall, a starbucks or even at a police station if you like

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